Make your trim tabs automatic!


We are proud to present to you The All New ACS Attitude Control Systems from Mente Marine


Mente Marine was the first in the world to create an electronic trim system based on "mems" sensors that measure the movements of the boat. It was released in 2002, followed by product refinements over the years.

Now, it has reached perfection. More precise measurements, faster control of the boat and a beautifully designed laser cut aluminium frame.

 The dream has been to get everything into the control panel.

The dream is now reality.

No cables, no boxes, no extra wires to connect. Just put in an automatic control panel instead of the traditional four buttons.

It is smart! It senses your moves. Are you speeding up or slowing down? Driving straight or turning? Are you tying up or going out or even, perhaps, on a trailer? It will wake up when needed and go to sleep when needed. When on the plane, the ACS will keep your boat in proper trim without any guesswork from your side.

"Hi there just wanting to let power boat owners thinking about putting this in there boat, JUST DO IT, put one in my 27ft sea ray it is one of the best things i have bought for my boat it's awesome. Thx Joe"

15% Gst is included in the price for the ACS.

If you live outside of New Zealand you don’t pay the 15% tax.

ACS Attitude Control System, main features


Installation of the Attitude Control System (ACS R/RP)